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A Toxics-Free Future


Advancing the SAICM Mission: Convening Multi-Sectoral National Nepalese SAICM Implementation Forums

By hosting and facilitating a series of Round Table Meetings with relevant government ministries and stakeholders, Forum for Justice (FFJ) created a platform that provided opportunities to share and provide detailed information about the SAICM. Meetings were organized to address particular themes: POPs, Lead, Mercury, and E-waste. In each of the meetings, baseline information was shared about each problem area and specific action plans were laid out to meet the SAICM 2020 objectives. Following these meetings, FFJ also helped prepare a draft of the SAICM 2020 roadmap and organized a National Stakeholders Meeting to discuss this draft with major stakeholders and solicit feedback. These overall efforts have strengthened the collaborative ties among policy makers, civil society and corporate sectors to address the issues of chemical safety and make a firm dedication to contribute to achieve SAICM 2020 objectives.

National Stakeholders Workshop on SAICM 2020 RoadmapParticipants at the roundtable meeting on lead