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A Toxics-Free Future


Armenia Country Situation Report

Country situation report on POPs in Armenia.

This report describes and assesses the country situation in Armenia with respect to POPs and Stockholm Convention implementation. Topics covered include sources of POPs, levels of POPs pollution, damages caused by POPs, legislation and recommendations for the elimination of POPs. The report indicates that the prevailing source of environmental pollution by POPs is industry, including the chemical sector; then agriculture (source of pesticides), energy sector, and unintentional production of toxics during industrial production, fossil fuel combustion and waste generation. The report is a useful reference document that provides the basic information needed by NGOs in Armenia to prepare awareness-raising activities and materials, identify further areas of investigation, plan campaigns and prepare for a meaningful role in NIP preparations.

Report on the country situation
Dissemination of the report to POPs stakeholders

The Centre of Environmental Studies (Armenia)