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Global day of action on POPs in Armenia: Yerevan State University.

On April 20, 2005, Khazer initiated and coordinated a seminar for about 100 students and lecturers of Yerevan State University from the departments of Physics, Chemistry, Geography and Biology. The seminar organizers informed the audience on the POPs-related situation in Armenia, on the Stockholm Convention and other international initiatives to address POPs-related problems. Specially developed background documents for the seminar were disseminated. Leading experts in the sphere of chemical pollution were invited to participate in the seminar. Separately, on May 12 and 13, 2005, in the framework of the activity, seminars for school teachers of Yerevan were conducted in the State Museum of Natural History of Armenia. The seminars were attended by representatives of the National Education Institute and about 60 teachers of secondary schools. These seminars focused on existing methods to raise environmental awareness of schoolchildren, particularly in the sphere of health and environmental impacts of POPs. All participants in the above seminars admitted that similar public awareness-raising events are important for the discussion of issues associated with health and environmental impacts of POPs, including their impacts of children's health and the prevention of child diseases, caused by chemical contamination.

Outputs: Summary report on activities
Seminar at Yerevan State University
Seminar at the State Museum of Natural History