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A Toxics-Free Future


Awareness and Sources of POPs in Gaza

Raising awareness, evaluation and assessment of POPs and its sources in the Gaza Strip.

Agricultural areas near settlements in the Gaza Strip where pesticides have been used for decades constitute some of the most contaminated areas in Palestine. Sources show that pesticides have been used extensively in Gaza and the West Bank, with an estimated 400 tons in the Gaza Strip and 1,300 tons being used in the West Bank in 2000. With an uncontrolled market, chemical compounds have historically been imported without regulations or control. Toxic waste dumps and disposal are also problems. Emissions from three health care waste incineration plants in the Gaza Strip have never been monitored for dioxins or furans. This activity evaluated the use of POPs in agriculture; identified hotspots; cited the need for increased analysis, testing and monitoring; enhanced public awareness on the dangers of POPs and the importance of the Stockholm Convention.

Collection of data on POPs in the Palestinian Territories

Green Peace Association