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A Toxics-Free Future


Expert Team and Capacity Building in Mexico

POPs public awareness campaign in Mexico.

RAPAM conducted activities at a national workshop in Mexico City on November 18 and 19, 2005 with participation from 50 people and 32 organizations, where RAPAM assembled a team of experts and conducted a capacity building campaign in order to increase knowledge and skills on POPs, as well as to facilitate and encourage more effective public participation in the National Implementation Plan. The campaign included preparation of a national workshop focused on POPs and zero waste to build capacity among NGOs and grassroots groups around the country; the production of a CD and DVD of the proceedings; the creation and distribution of a fact sheet and poster; and recommendations regarding the creation of the National Coordination Committee to the Stockholm Convention. Issues considered were the Stockholm Convention commitments and the National Implementation Plan, the POPs produced by incineration of used tires in cement kilns in USA and Mexico, and the interchange of experiences on zero waste in Argentina and Mexico.

National capacity-building workshop
Print folder, CD and DVD with PowerPoint presentation produced

Red de Acción sobre Plaguicidas y Alternativas en México (RAPAM)