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A Toxics-Free Future


Gov and Public Awareness Raising on POPs

Governmental and public awareness-raising on POPs.

Despite Nepal's Pesticides Acts and Regulations, pesticides and POPs-chemicals are still being used. A survey conducted by Entomology Division Khumaltar revealed that farmers still use POPs pesticides such as DDT, Endrin and Lindane (BHC). The banned pesticides, used for agriculture, poaching and fishing, are easily available in the market. The Forum for Justice took up the task of compiling and disseminating information on POPs, collected through literature and meetings with authorities to increase public awareness. Obsolete pesticides stockpile visits, a roundtable discussion with multiple stakeholders and development of a Nepali language POPs leaflet were all part of the awareness campaign. The aim of the leaflet and report is to help people at the grassroots level learn about POPs and their harmful health and environmental effects in order to help facilitate participation in developing POPs action plans through awareness and government/NGO cooperation to address POPs.

Nepali language POPs leaflet
Awareness campaign with obsolete stockpile visits, roundtable discussion and other initiatives

Forum for Justice