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A Toxics-Free Future


National Workshop in Nepal

National level training and awareness workshop in Nepal.

Low-level awareness on POPs often results in practices that increase POPs levels. Civil society, if informed and empowered, can play a meaningful role in creating awareness and can even play a larger role in contributing to implementation of the Stockholm Convention. To tackle the issue, the following NGOs: CEPHED, Forum for Justice and SHELGA engaged with the POPs issue and took up an extensive awareness and training program for NGOs, Government and the media. The activity was successful and has even had a multiplier affect, with participating NGOs further working toward raising POPs awareness in their communities, highlighting risks to human health, the environment and the need for POPs elimination. Media is spreading the message among the wider population and localizing the issue through educated news reporting. Concerned government officials are also taking into account the efforts of stakeholders, leading to further linkages to ensure smooth implementation of POPs management activities.

Awareness and training program conducted for NGOs, government and media, with increased awareness achieved in all targeted stakeholder groups

Center for Public Health and Environment Development (CEPHED)