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POPs Contam in Food Products in Russia

Assessment of contamination of chicken eggs by some POPs in different regions of Russia.

In regions of Russia with already identified or potential presence of POPs pollution, almost no information is available on contamination of local food products. Therefore, this study examined PCBs, DDT and its metabolites, hexachlorocyclohexane, and HCB in home-raised chicken eggs from Novomoskovsk (a former site of PCB manufacturing) and Chapaevsk (a former site of organochlorine pesticide production). The data showed very high levels of PCBs, DDT and HCB. In fact, this study identified a new POPs contamination hotspot where no studies of health and environmental impacts of POPs have been conducted. The project implementation allowed improved cooperation on POPs-related problems between the academic community, environmental and health NGOs, supervisory bodies and authorities.

Biomonitoring on chicken eggs from two areas
Discovery of a new POPs hotspot in Russia