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A Toxics-Free Future


Public Awareness PCBs and POPs Vigiliance

Awareness-raising on PCBs.

This report documents the BEF's POPs awareness-raising activities, including a survey of current POPs conditions, data collection on the status of PCB transformers and suggestions on how to reduce levels of POPs emissions in the environment. The activity consisted of awareness sessions organized with different target groups, including school children, through the use of POPs Vigilance Committees; the staff of the Ceylon Electricity Board; municipal workers; and medical staff, educating attendees about the harmful health effects of POPs. A transformer inventory was conducted, identifying 113 transformers in the district. This information has been conveyed to the Ceylon Electricity Board. In addition, a rough assessment of transformers with PCB content was made and three transformers were identified as having leakage.

Commitment from Electricity Board to apply a precautionary approach to transformers to reduce the threats posed by POPs, with repairs being taken up in an expedited manner
Formation of a 'POPs Vigilance Committee,' comprised of interested students

Balangoda Environmental Forum