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A Toxics-Free Future


Training of Grassroots in Benin French

Training grassroots communities on exposure risks to POPs in the district of Oueme-Benin.

The activity mainly aimed to train and to inform communities working in the informal system in the district of Oueme about hazards and risks relating to the direct or indirect exposure to POPs and to lead them to reduce-even to avoid-any substance containing or liable to produce POPs. OFEDI selected representatives to be trained from farmers, market gardeners, welders, car mechanics, and women conserving beans and cereals. The two-day workshop included the Ministry of Environment, Housing and Urban Planning and the Stockholm Convention focal point. Topics covered included the objectives of the Stockholm Convention, sources and health impacts, and control strategies.

Report on activities (summary in English and full report in French)
Preparation and dissemination of awareness-raising materials, posters, and stickers
Awareness-raising and capacity building workhsop

Organization des Femmes pour la Gestion de l'Energie, de l'Environnement et la Promotion du Développement intégré (OFEDI)