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A Toxics-Free Future


Tunisia Country Situation Report

Country situation report on POPs in Tunisia.

This report covers numerous aspects of POPs use in Tunisia and includes a list of pesticides and whether they were ever produced or registered in Tunisia; a discussion of the production, distribution, utilization, import and export of POPs in Tunisia; discussion of obsolete stocks and contamination sites, PCB contaminated waste, contaminated sites and lack of inventory; sources of by-products; a discussion of waste disposal mechanisms including incineration, land-filling and alternatives; and a discussion of legislation, regulation and enforcement regarding toxic substances. Now that the preliminary inventories of POPs obsolete pesticides, PCBs-containing equipment, stockpiles, PCB wastes, and releases of dioxins and furans are completed or almost completed, Tunisia is preparing action plans. A central incinerator for hospital wastes for the Tunis area was planned but the project has since been abandoned. An action plan for the management of the medical wastes, based on the sterilization treatment has been prepared in its place.

Association for Environmental Protection in Kerkennah (APEK)