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A Toxics-Free Future


Vikuge Preliminary Report

Preliminary study of the Vikuge DDT-contaminated site.

AGENDA selected the Vikuge DDT site as a case study of the nearly 300 obsolete pesticide sites in Tanzania. The Vikuge site began as a 600 metric ton donation of DDT in 1986 stored in the open air. AGENDA described the site's history; mapped the village; described the condition of the site and surrounding environment; characterized local awareness of the site and its contents; and health hazards. The study recommended cleanup of contaminated soil and creek sediments in order to protect human health and the environment; increase public awareness on the impact of the chemical wastes to human life and environment, including targeted education for affected villages; and carrying out a thorough analysis of environmental components to establish levels of contamination in the wider environment.

African Center for Environmental Advocacy and Governance (CEAG Africa)