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A Toxics-Free Future


IPEN Secretariat

IPEN’s Secretariat provides technical and scientific support, administrative assistance, and communications resources and support to our global network.

To reach IPEN, please email us at
For media requests, please email

Administrative and support staff

Björn Beeler (he/him), International Coordinator and General Manager
Maria Ekström Johansson (she/her), Operations and Finance Director
Charles Margulis (he/him), Communications Director
Tiffany Tool (she/her), Network Manager
Lia Jasmin M. Esquillo, Programs and Policy Coordinator
Betty Wahlund (she/her), Events and Administration Officer
Elias Eriksson (he/him), Finance Manager
Tim Warner (he/him), Digital Content Manager
Cristina Cotofana (she/her), Administrator


Science and Policy Advisors

Lee Bell (he/him), Mercury and POPs Policy Advisor
Sara Brosché (she/her), PhD, Science Advisor, Global Lead Paint Elimination Campaign Manager
Vito Buonsante (he/him), JD, Policy and Technical Advisor
Therese Karlsson (she/her), PhD, Science and Technical Advisor
Jitka Straková (she/her), Global Researcher
Manny Calonzo (he/him), Global Lead Paint Elimination Campaign Advisor, former IPEN global Co-chair
Jeiel Guarino (he/him), Global Lead Paint Elimination Campaigner