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A Toxics-Free Future


Women's Caucus Updates

The IPEN Women's Caucus was established to provide a forum for planning, discussion, and engagement around gender issues related to chemical policy and advocacy. By providing venues where women in IPEN can share experiences, discuss strategies, and share skills, we aim to catalyze action by women in policy making arenas at all levels.

See below for Web Links and Documents from our Women's Caucus meetings, webinars, and more.

Web Links

 Women's Caucus Meeting (April 2024)

Newsletter (July-December 2023)

Women's Caucus Meeting (2023)

Women's Caucus Roundtable 2019 (Bangkok)

Women’s Caucus Meeting and Skillshare 2019 (Geneva)

Press conference (video): IPEN and UNEP partnership on women and chemicals (2017)

Blog Posts

Plastic and Gender: Exploring the Intersections (June 2024)

Air Pollution and Women's Reproductive Health (May 2024)

Who Decides? (International Women's Day, March 2024)

Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals: Impacts on Women's Health  (January 2024)

A More Inclusive Movement for a Healthier Environment (December 2023)

In Kazakhstan, Raising Concerns on Women’s Health and Chemical Safety (November 2023)

Women's Health and the Proliferation of Toxic Chemicals (October 2023) 

Claiming our Right to Live in a Healthy and Toxics-Free Environment (September 2023)

Toxic Chemicals and Women’s Health in Sri Lanka (July 2023)

Together: Working for a Toxics-Free Future in Iraq (June 2023)

Reflections in Honor of International Women’s Day (March 2023)

Find more on our Women and Chemicals page.