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groundWork Issues New Report about the Health Impacts of Coal

IPEN Participating Organization groundWork has issued a new report about the negative health impacts of coal.

Although some of South Africa benefits from Eskom-produced electricity, it’s the health and lives of people in the Highveld region that are carrying the disease burden of the energy utility’s pollution. The report found that coal-fired power stations belonging to Eskom, South Africa’s energy utility, are the primary driver for poor outdoor air quality in the Highveld region in Mpumalanga. What this means for the communities that live there is severely poor health, particularly in the form of respiratory and cardiovascular diseases that can lead to death.

The report is highlighted in a new video called "Clear the Air: How Eskom's coal kills." 

Read groundWork's official press release here. 

Read groundWork's report: The Health Impact of Coal- The responsibility that coal-fired power stations bear for ambient air quality associated health impacts 

Eskom photo