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HEAL co-hosting health and environment film screenings and debates

Brussels, 22 January 2013 – From 4 to 11 February 2014, HEAL is co-hosting a programme of Health and Environment documentaries and debates as part of the 31st International Environmental Film Festival (FIFE) in Paris. The aim is to promote recognition of the links between health and our environment and greater understanding of environmental prevention of chronic disease.

The debates will be linked to the three films selected for this year’s festival, which address how the environment affects our health. Expert panels will feature film directors, scientific experts and those affected by the themes highlighted in the films.

The “Health and environment” programme within the festival takes place on Friday, 7 February and Saturday, 8 February 2014 at Cinema des Cineastes, 7 ave de Clichy, 75017 Paris.

The three selected films are:

Cette Couleur qui me dérange (This colour that bothers me)
Khardiata Pouye, Sénégal • 2012 • 26 minutes (sub-titled in French)
A discussion about the health problems linked to cosmetics and the demands women face created by the beauty industry today.

Film: In Small Print (La letra pequeña)
Nadia El Bennich Spain • 2012/2013 • 75 minutes (subtitled in French)
There is something invisible in our food, cosmetics or toys of our children, whose impact on our health can be serious.

Film: The Human Experiment featuring Sean Penn
Don Hardy & Dana Nachman USA • 2013 • 52 minutes (subtitled in French)
In everyday life, we are increasingly exposed to chemical pollution - but the high economic stakes make the battle against industry an equal one.

The official programme for FIFE is available here and online here (see “Infos pratiques”). You can find information on the Health and Environment documentaries on page 18.

HEAL members participating at the film festival include Appel de la jeunesse, Collectif (A2J), Association for Research on Treatment against Cancer (ARTAC) (France), C2DS - Comité pour le Développement Durable en Santé (C2DS), Générations Futures, Réseau Environnement Santé (RES), Fundacion Vivo Sano and Women in Europe for a Common Future (WECF).

We do hope you can join us, especially on Friday 7 February when the debates will take place. More about the festival and to the watch the trailers of three films at



Diana Smith, Communications, Health and Environment Alliance (HEAL), E-mail: Tel: +33 1 55 25 25 84, Mob: +33 6 33 04 2943



[1] Official 31st International Environmental Film Festival (FIFE) website

[2] The programme, “Premiere” features the five health and environment documentaries on page 18, (FR)

[3] Screening dates, times and trailers of the films are available here



HEAL is a leading European not-for-profit organization addressing how the environment affects health in the European Union. With the support of its more than 65 member organizations, which represent health professionals, not-for-profit health insurers, patients, citizens, women, youth, and environmental experts, HEAL brings independent expertise and evidence from the health community to different decision-making processes. Members include international and Europe-wide organisations as well as national and local groups. Website: