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Toxics Link Report: POPs in India 2018

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In 2018, Toxics Link prepared a Country Situation Report to examine into the following aspects, overall current management scenario of POPs, gaps in the regulations, major achievements and challenges of POPs management in the country, with an aim to provide a better road map for its management.

This report comprises three chapters. Chapter 1 gives an overview about the Persistent Organic Pollutants, types, chronology of POPs included in Stockholm Convention and India’s position in implementing regulations which were identified in The Stockholm Convention.

Chapter 2 of the report discusses status of POPs in India, including present stockpiles, production and challenges for their management in the country.

Chapter 3 throws light on the major achievements of POPs management in the country. It also focuses on the challenges and recommendations for the better management of POPs in India. The report also reflects upon the current regulations, export/import data and various research studies conducted in the country on POPs to get an insight on management issues around them.

The review of the country’s overall situation on POPs management reflects the shortcomings in their management and points out the need of developing a multiple stakeholders platform to address these challenges. So in this context, the report also gives out some suggestions for the Government to take action for POPs management in the country.

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