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A Toxics-Free Future


Analysis of electrical and electronic equipment waste management system in the Republic of Kazakhstan

The Center "Cooperation for Sustainable Development" produced a novel and comprehensive report on electronic and electric equipment (EEE) waste disposal in Kazakhstan. In this project, organizers began their work via exhaustive data gathering of existing legislation that helped them pinpoint relevant stakeholders they should target. Formative evaluation in the form of questionnaires and surveys then ascertained the practices of EEE waste disposal from relevant stakeholders, including EEE suppliers, EEE sellers, EEE repair and service centers, waste recycling specialized enterprises, and governmental organizations (schools, senior colleges). With this knowledge, organizers staged a “day of action” wherein previously identified stakeholders were invited to dispose of their EEE waste in an event that was covered by the national media. In addition to these actions, organizers were able to identify and collaborate with other NGOs interested in these issues and also convene a roundtable with policy makers to discuss future legislative actions.

CSD poster

Some electronics gathered on the collection day

CSD child recycling