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A Toxics-Free Future


Awareness among legislators, rural workers, and the general public on phase-out of highly hazardous pesticides

Alianza por una Mejor Calidad de Vida organized a series of workshops and staged a media campaign with a national TV network to create public awareness about the dangers of pesticides in food. This included developing brochures tailored to the communities most affected by the use hazardous pesticides. An expose of pesticide poisoning cases of rural and seasonal female workers was also shared with the public. In addition, they worked closely with a prominent member of the National Congress to introduce legislation that would phase out the most hazardous and highly toxic pesticides. Through this work they established a grassroots group of stakeholders (workers, farmers, and community members) that are supportive of the legislation and now consider Alianza por una Mejor Calidad de Vida to be an authority on highly hazardous pesticide issues and finding safer and sustainable alternatives.

Alianza por una Mejor Calidad de Vida in Senate Committee on AgPesticide aerial spraying in the community of Limachito in the Valparaiso region.