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A Toxics-Free Future


Health Status El Kafr El-Zayat Impact Zone

Health status of residents, particularly children, in the impact zone of the El Kafer El Zaiat plant, a former DDT pesticide chemical production facility.

The report documents the activity by Egypt Suns Association for Development and Environmental Protection to reduce the impacts of POPs on local residents-particularly children-in the impact zone of the Kafer El Zaiat Plant, a large chemical facility that formerly produced DDT. Clinical health assessments were conducted on 17 subjects (12 male; 5 female) using several parameters. Pesticides in the organochlorine family, which accumulate in fatty tissue, were analyzed in multiple environmental media, including water, fish tissue, potato and onion, breast milk, animal milk, and human blood. Assessment of subjects revealed multiple chronic conditions and adverse health effects due to pesticide exposure. Participants have been asked to assist in developing a Stockholm Convention implementation plan, provide consultation and develop clean-up recommendations.

Analysis of organochlorine pesticide residues in multiple environmental media
Individual clinical assessments revealing harmful impacts of pesticide exposure

Egypt Suns Association for Development and Environmental Protection