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Lebanon Country Situation Report

Country situation report on POPs in Lebanon.

The activity describes Lebanon's country situation report on POPs. The report was developed by reviewing and assessing prior information on POPs, making note of the problems associated with incomplete historic data, gaps in inventory information and lack of available figures. The report focuses on: 1) pesticides (used in agriculture), 2) PCBs (found in electrical equipment like transformers) and 3) unintentionally produced chemicals including dioxins and furans as major issues for Lebanon. Specifically, POPs sources, levels, users, hotspots, pathways and environment impacts are discussed, with specific emphasis placed on the harmful health effects of POPs as they impact vulnerable groups such as women, children, the poor and those exposed in occupational settings. The state of POPs legislation and assessment in the country is described and commitment to the Stockholm Convention is encouraged.

Lebanon country situation report available in the English language

Lebanese Environmental Forum (LEF)