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A Toxics-Free Future


Manual POPs and Women's Health

Preparation of a manual on POPs and women's health in collaboration with groups working on women's health.

Women's health, including reproductive health, is an area that has been severely impacted by exposure to toxics and POPs in India. There exists a dearth of information on the subject, particularly India-specific, easy-to-understand information useful for the affected Indian female population. By consolidating available data on POPs and women's health, highlighting specific POPs and women's health-related risks including practical prevention and hands-on strategies, a manual for both practitioners and literate women was developed and disseminated widely among networks and groups working on the issue of POPs and women's health. This is a first of its kind manual linking toxics and human rights in a practical manner. A large audience will likely benefit, as the manual will be widely disseminated.

Manual developed on POPs and women's health
Wide distribution and dissemination of manual

Chintan Environmental Research and Action Group