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A Toxics-Free Future


National Action Plan for Khaidarkan mercury mining: Strengthening Environmental Policy and Implementing Outreach Campaign in Kyrgyzstan

The NGO “Independent Ecological Expertise” conducted activities in order to develop a National Action Plan for the Khaidarkan mercury mine, with the goal to reduce mercury contamination of the environment and human health. These activities included: 1) Collection of data on mercury management, 2) Analysis of this information to identify potential areas of regulation, 3) Drafting of a “Concept on measures for mercury management at all phases of its life cycle in the Kyrgyz Republic", 4) Awareness-raising and signture gathering campaign among the public, 5) Roundtables held with government representatives and other stakeholders, and 6) Recommendation for the design and implementation of a National Plan. Important dialogue between NGOs and government was undertaken via this project. Additionally, media coverage through print and tv channels helped to publicize the activities.

Drainage pipe from the Khaidarkan mine