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A Toxics-Free Future


POPs Pesticides Monitoring in India

Establishing the prevalence of POPs pesticide residues in water, soil and vegetable samples and creating awareness about their ill effects.

The Janhit Foundation undertook a study to confirm the use and presence of POPs in agricultural soil, water and vegetables of three districts of Western Uttar Pradesh. High levels of POPs pesticides and toxic substances were found including aldrin, dieldrin, DDE, endosulfan, heptachlor and Lindane, indicating possible use of POPs pesticides in the farming community, despite a ban. Many samples exceeded European Union limits, and some exceeded the presently permissive Indian regulatory standards. Subsequent to the findings, the Janhit Foundation held a series of public meetings for farmers about the adverse impacts of POPs. The meetings were well attended and awareness materials were created. To further increase awareness and disseminate findings, the Foundation organized a press conference which was attended by 42 journalists and also led to an All India radio broadcast. The awareness campaign also included two additional meetings on the harmful effects of POPs and a continued campaign among community members that will be submitted to the District Commissioner, demanding action against pesticide dealers. Awareness programs are also being planned in two schools.

Monitoring data on POPs pesticides in Western Uttar Pradesh
Report on data comparing local levels to various regulatory standards
Awareness campaign including posters, radio broadcast, workshops and press conference

Janhit Foundation