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A Toxics-Free Future


Uganda Contaminated Site Report

Hotspot report for a contaminated site: Kawanda Agricultural Research Institute (KARI) Uganda.

The study was carried out to establish the quantities of obsolete chemicals with specific emphasis on POPs that are stored at Kawanda Agricultural Research Institute (KARI). The study tried to find out the purpose for which these chemicals were imported, the countries of origin of the pesticides, how long they have been stored, and the reason they have become obsolete. In addition, the study characterized the site and inadequate measures in place to ensure safety of the workers and the environment. The report recommends improving the condition and operating procedures to reduce health and environmental risks to staff and the neighboring community to the facility. It also recommends a complete inventory of obsolete pesticides at the site to identify the chemicals, their source and available quantities. It further recommended for education and awareness programs for stakeholders, and, lastly, a mechanism for removal and consequent safe disposal of these chemicals.

National Association of Professional Environmentalists (NAPE)