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A Toxics-Free Future


Press Release

(Gothenburg, Sweden): Toxic chemicals of concern that are widespread in common plastic products can hinder the momentum for a circular economy, says an alarming new report.

Read the letter and press release urging the Mexican governemnet to recall Johnson and Johnson products containing mineral talc and join other international governments in banning talc that may contain asbestos from products.

Documents are in Spanish.

For Immediate Release

Quezon City, Philippines/Gothenburg, Sweden: A new report by the environmental health groups EcoWaste Coalition and International Pollutants Elimination Network (IPEN) finds spray paints with dangerous lead concentrations on sale in the Philippines in violation of the country’s law banning lead in paints.

Green Groups Denounce Europe's "Do As I Say, Not As I Do" Policy

In April of last year, the European Union joined Norway in co-sponsoring amendments to the world's only waste treaty to establish new trade controls on the dirtiest and most unrecyclable plastic wastes. These amendments were passed in response to countless human rights abuses, and environmental pollution caused by unregulated plastic waste dumping.

A ground-breaking study analyzing the effects of toxic chemicals in plastic children’s toys and consumer products on human cells demonstrates that toys made from some recycled plastics are toxic to humans and can significantly contribute to the dioxin daily intake level for children who mouth their toys. The levels of toxic chemicals revealed in all the samples studied were comparable to levels found in hazardous wastes, such as the ash from waste incinerators.