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Chemical Control Order in Philippines Bans Lead in Paint

IPEN Participating Organization EcoWaste Coalition lauded the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) for promulgating a Chemical Control Order (CCO) prohibiting lead in decorative paint above 90 parts per million (ppm), the protective goal for lead in paint recommended worldwide by IPEN.

In a statement reported in the Manila Times, Environment Secretary Ramon Paje said that the government is strengthening its control on the use of lead and its compounds in the local production of consumer products, as well as its importation, sale, distribution and disposal following the issuance of a Chemical Control Order (CCO) for lead and lead compounds.

“The reason for setting the implementation phase for paints is to enable our paint industry to shift to lead-free production. There is now a global action for the elimination of lead in paints, and certainly this CCO is our way of showing our oneness with this advocacy,” Paje said.

According to EcoWast Coalition, the DAO details requirements for labeling, manufacturing and training, storage, transport, treatment and disposal of lead and lead-containing materials. EcoWaste will partner with other government agencies and the Philipine Association of Manufacturers to help implement the new regulation.

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