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SafeMinds Welcomes Global Mercury Treaty

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October 8, 2013                                                                                  

 SafeMinds Welcomes Global Mercury Treaty

“We have global recognition of mercury’s health threat,

now we join Minamata victims in calling for justice”


KUMAMOTO, JAPAN – With over 125 countries gathering to begin the signing process for the recently negotiated Minamata Convention on Mercury, signals mercury’s health impacts have global recognition.  Congenital mercury poisoning, first identified at nearby Minamata, results from a mother’s exposure, which in turn, injures her child during its development. 

“SafeMinds joins the victims of Minamata in their fight.  Their fight is our fight – justice for the victims of mercury poisoning around the planet – especially those who are poisoned through no fault of their own,” said Eric Uram, Executive Director at SafeMinds. 

The build-up of mercury in the environment has resulted in people becoming mercury-poisoned from everyday activities.  Knowledge has recently emerged showing significant numbers of people now experience poisoning at levels well below those considered safe.

The following is a statement from SafeMinds:

“For over a decade now, SafeMinds has called for international action to address all mercury, especially mercury used in procedures or contaminating food that poses or adds to the unique threat of mercury-poisoning.  SafeMinds has long fought for further actions to protect children from mercury poisoning.”

“SafeMinds put the sensitivity hypothesis forward years ago, that some people are more susceptible to mercury’s toxic effects than others – especially for children who are already affected more strongly by mercury.  The science is now catching up.  New studies show a significant segment of the population needs better protections.  We must not delay putting the mercury genie back in its bottle.” 

“The ability to remove these threats is in participating nation’s hands since calls have been made to prevent the rapid removal of mercury from two procedures – vaccines and amalgam.  These sources still expose many to toxic levels of mercury.  If it cannot come through the treaty, nations must still take responsibility to educate and promote better outcomes for their people.  We should not live in a world of dual approaches, there should be one means to move forward for nations in providing the healthiest options for their citizens by removing mercury from vaccines and amalgam.”

“SafeMinds calls on all nations to undertake their responsibility for providing right-to-know information on mercury in food, products, processes or procedures as a necessity for helping move society to a better place.  We also call for Corporate Social Responsibility from those who still put mercury in any products or use it in any process for quickly finding alternatives to these.  Such actions are essential to reduce everyone’s potential for becoming mercury poisoned.”


SafeMinds seeks to restore good health and protect future generations by eradicating the devastation of autism and associated health disorders induced by mercury and other toxicants resulting from human activities.