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A Toxics-Free Future


Civil Society Participation in CONASQ – National Commission on Chemical Safety

In an effort to improve participation and collaboration among organizations and individuals concerning the SAICM Global Plan of Action, Associação de Proteção ao Meio Ambiente de Cianorte (APROMAC) pushed an explicit chemical implementation agenda at three consecutive meetings of Brazil's National Committee on Chemical Safety (CONSAQ). Additionally, they created a special webpage on their website focused solely on SAICM, which also provides monthly bulletins on SAICM issues. Not only does the website feature APROMAC publications, campaigns, articles and other news related to recent events on chemicals, but it also is a forum for other organizations to voice their thoughts and become more actively involved. In addition to a discussion about well known issues such as pesticides and heavy metal pollution, emergent issues such as nanotechnology, E-waste, CFL bulbs, medical devices, and drug disposal are also introduced and discussed.

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