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Kenya Contam Site Kitengla Obs Pesticide

Kitengela obsolete pesticides store in Kenya.

The Kitengela obsolete pesticides store is located in Kenya's Rift Valley province. It is used by the Ministry of Agriculture as a temporary storage facility for obsolete pesticides and other chemicals prior to their disposal. The store had for a long time been suspected to be a POPs hotspot, but no formal investigation had been done. The study found that the Kitengela site is contaminated with a wide variety of toxins, including POPs pesticides and POPs industrial chemicals that are covered under the Stockholm Convention. The chemicals were not arranged in an orderly manner-they had just been "dumped" on the floor, thereby increasing chances of cross-contamination and environmental contamination. The estimated weight of contaminated soil around the store is 400 tons, and the site is a potential health hazard to the local community.

Report: Kitengela obsolete pesticides store in Kenya
Stakeholder interviews
Photographic records and visual observations
Sampling for laboratory analysis
Daily Nation article, "How Kitengela was poisoned"

Environmental Liaison Education and Action for Development (ENVILEAD)