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Uruguay Eggs Report

Egg sampling for by-product POPs in Uruguay.

This activity was coordinated by REDES-Friends of the Earth Uruguay and RAP-AL Uruguay as part of the "Global Egg Study." Free-range chicken eggs collected near two cement kilns in Minas, Uruguay revealed polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) levels expressed in WHO-TEQs that were two times higher than the proposed EU limit. Cement kilns located Minas were identified as possible sources of POPs releases in the area. The high PCB levels suggested that the kilns were burning chlorine-containing wastes, which was later confirmed through resident reports and citizen observations. A stream that serves as a source of drinking water is also located near the kilns. This study represents the first data about U-POPs in chicken eggs from Uruguay.

Red de Acción en Plaguicidas para América Latina (RAP-AL)