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A Toxics-Free Future



Informe de la Red de Acción en Plaguicidas y sus Alternativas para América Latina advierte de los impactos de estas sustancias en la salud humana, animal y ambiental.

Generate public awareness in relation to a chlor-alkali plant, products containing mercury and the use of dental amalgam

This project by Red de Acción en Plaguicidas y sus Alternativas para América Latina (RAP-AL) includes interviews with community members and a former worker from the chlor- alkali plant of EFICE in San José Dept., Río de la Plata. Several interviews were also conducted with decision-makers from the Basel Convention Coordinating Centre for Latin America and the Caribbean Region in the Southern Cone, the National Directorate of Environment (DINAMA), and the Ministry of Housing, Land and Environment (MVOTMA).

Fish & Community Mercury Monitoring Project in Uruguay

RAPAL Uruguay conducted research on how a chlorine making plant (EFICE) located close to Montevideo is likely responsible for mercury contamination of the surrounding towns and ecosystem. According to their research, there is strong evidence that mercury used during the chlorine making process has been contaminating the ecosystem and poisoning local residents. Unfortunately, due to a lack of transparency and government support, residents have not been able to address this issue.