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A Toxics-Free Future


Children’s products in the Philippines

This study measured toxic metals in 435 children’s products in Cebu, Davao and the metro Manila area in the Philippines. Measurements were performed using a hand-held X-ray fluorescence analyzer (XRF) and focused on antimony, arsenic, cadmium, chromium, lead, and mercury. Approximately 29% of the products contained at least one toxic metal above levels of concern. The data revealed 67 products (15%) that contained lead at or above the US regulatory limit. Fifty-seven samples (13%) contained more than one toxic metal. The study also found children’s toy cosmetics with mercury levels ranging from 4 – 77 times higher than the regulatory limit in the Philippines. The findings raise safety concerns for exposure in children and highlight the need for protective national regulatory policies. To our knowledge, this is the first publically available investigation of toxic metals in children’s products in the Philippines.

For information on other products tested, visit the Children's Product with Low Levels of Concern page.

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