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A Toxics-Free Future


School Supplies in Philippines

This study target common school supplies, testing 25 samples of school supplies in addition to the 435 children’s products from Metro Manila, Metro Cebu and Davao, for toxic heavy metals. Lead was detected in 15 of the 25 samples (60%) with levels ranging from 96 parts per million (ppm) up to 14,100 ppm. The US threshold limit for lead is 90 ppm under the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008.

The top five samples that registered the highest lead contents include: 1) a yellow PVC Tweety raincoat (14,100 ppm of lead), 2) a light yellow PVC Tazmanian Devil raincoat (4,741 ppm), 3) a green Spiderman backpack with lunch bag (2,852 ppm), 4) a yellow Spongebob shoulder bag (2,478 ppm) and 5) a yellow Spongebob pencil case (1,561 ppm).

School Supplies with Toxic Chemicals

Spongebob: Yellow Pencil Case with spongebob design

Lead : 1561   Arsenic: 128   Chromium: 783

Disney School Tools: Different school supplies: notebook, pencil case, crayons

Lead : 813

Racing: Pencil Case (Can)

Lead : 763

Barbie: Round-type pencil case in can with barbie design and pencil sharpener

Lead : 1040

Looney Tunes Children Rainwear: Yellow tweety rainwear

Lead : 14100   Arsenic: 278   Chromium: 3679

Looney Tunes Children Rainwear: Yellow Tazmania rainwear

Lead : 4741   Arsenic: 55   Chromium: 858

Mickey Mouse Pencil Case: Leather design mickey mouse pencil case in can

Lead : 822   Chromium: 4026

Fashion Jewelry : Yellow Monkey design key chain

Arsenic: 35

Winnie d Pooh Pencil Case (yellow): Yellow Winnie the Pooh Pencil Case

Cadmium : 85   Antimony: 74

Mickey mouse pencil case (can): Yellow mickey mouse pencil case (can)

Lead : 922

Ben 10 Alien Force Backpack: Green small Ben 10 backpack

Lead : 386   Arsenic: 51.7

Winnie the Pooh small backpack: Small yellow backpack with Winnie the Pooh design

Lead : 537   Arsenic: 48.1

Elmo Carry bag: Small Elmo design Carry Bag

Lead : 95.7

Spongebob Shoulder Bag: Yellow Spongebob design Shoulder Bag

Lead : 2478   Chromium: 184

Superman bag (small bag with lunch bag): Gray color Superman small bag with lunch bag

Lead : 691   Arsenic: 32

Spiderman bag (small bag with lunch bag): Green color Spiderman small bag with lunch bag

Lead : 2852   Antimony: 1064   Arsenic: 156

PullBag: Blue Pull Bag with action design (blue, red, green)

Lead : 1250

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