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A Toxics-Free Future


Cosmetics in Philippines

Skin whitening products such as creams, lotions or soaps sometimes contain toxic mercury chloride and/or ammoniated mercury, or hydroquinone, which is also highly toxic.

This study measured 12 skin whitening products, noting eleven out of 12 skin whitening products tested had mercury levels from 1,085 up to 28,600 parts per million (ppm). The Philippine regulatory limit is 1 ppm for mercury in cosmetics. While most of the products where made in China, it is worth noting they are also in violation of “Hygienic Standards for Cosmetics” of the People’s Republic of China, which is also 1 ppm. None of the eleven products which had mercury, listed or label mercury as an ingredient.

This study catalyzed the Senate Committees on Trade and Commerce and on Health and Demography, to convene a public hearing and urgency of enacting a “Safe Cosmetics Act.”

Toxic Chemicals in Whitening Creams

Product Name Components
Jiaoli Miraculous Cream 01a - (#1 cream) 7143, 7338, 7263
01b- (#2 cream) 7665, 7660, 7624
Jiaoli 7-days Specific Eliminating Freckle AB set 02a- (A cream) 8615, 8636, 8733
02b- (B cream) 1.22%, 1.24%, 1.24%
Miss Beauty Magic cream 03a- (Day cream) ND
03b- (Night Cream) 2.86%, 2.85%, 2.84%
Aichun Beauty Whitening Freckle Day and Night Cream 04a- (Day Cream) 1272, 1291, 1266
04b- (Night Cream) 1574, 1557
Aichun Beauty Green Tea Whitening Speckle Removing Series 05a- (Day cream) 1820, 1801, 1775
05b- (Night cream) 1085, 1122, 1093
Sara Glutathione Sheep Placenta Whitening and anti-spot 06a- (Day cream) 6113, 6180, 6210
06b- (Night cream) 5586, 5592, 5654
Miss Beauty Excellent Theraphy Whitening Cream 07a- (cream) 2211, 2297, 2304
Beauty Girl Natural Olive and Sheep Essence 10 Double Whitening 08a- (Day Cream) ND
Speckles Removed Essence 08b- (Night Cream) 3614, 3606, 3638
The flower woman 7 day whitening and spot and night set cream 09a- (Day cream) 6831, 6837, 6876
09- (Night Cream) 7751, 7754, 7541
JJJ Magic spots removing Cream 10a-(Day Cream) 8092, 8200, 8112
10b- (Night Cream) 9610, 9270, 9600
Szitang 7-day specific whitening and spot AB set 11a- (Day Cream) 5650, 5662, 5707
11b- (Night Cream) 5886, 5856, 5836
11c- (Tube) ND
St. Dalfour Whitening Cream 12a- (cream) ND

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