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A Toxics-Free Future


Mercury Elimination

More Governments Must Ratify the Treaty to Protect the Health of Children and the Environment

In a short video message on the third anniversary of the enactment of the Minamata Convention on Mercury, Minamata Disease survivors Ms Shinobu Sakamo and Mr Koichiro Matsunaga appeal to viewers to help encourage governments to ratify the treaty. Greater regulation of mercury use and trade are necessary to protect the health of people, and ensure not only that industries are held accountable, but that children are protected from the dangers of mercury poisoning now and in the future.

Workers sort mercury thermometers in Jiangsu province (Image: Alamy)

This is a crucial year for hitting targets on the Minamata Convention, and China needs to work faster, reports Wang Chen

Newly-issued DOH policy banning dental amalgam draws cheers amid the coronavirus crisis

(Quezon City) A new policy promulgated by the Department of Health (DOH) phasing out dental amalgam, a tooth filling material containing approximately 50% mercury, has received roars of approval from advocacy groups within and outside the Philippines.