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Documents INC2

IPEN’s INC2 follow-up document

Following the INC2, IPEN shared with delegates and others some thoughts and observations about the meeting. IPEN felt that important progress was made at INC2, but discussions at the meeting also highlighted some concerns that we wanted to raise. See IPEN’s INC2 follow-up document: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, Spanish

Press Release

28 January: Many issues impacting public's health still to be resolved in mercury treaty talks

Press Release

25 January: Mercury-contaminated fish to be served to delegates at international mercury treaty negotiations (English / 日本語)

Press Release

23 January: Resolve Minamata before global mercury treaty named for victims

IPEN Views on the Mercury INC2 Elements Document

Prior to the meeting, IPEN prepared an analysis of the United Nations Environment Programme’s (UNEP’s) “Draft elements of a comprehensive and suitable approach to a global legally binding instrument on mercury” document, called: “IPEN Views on the Mercury INC2 Elements Document.” IPEN was disappointed by the UNEP document, as we felt that the measures outlined in the paper were insufficient to drive the actions that are needed to reduce releases of mercury to the global environment on the scale required to adequately protect human health and the environment and bring down global mercury pollution so that fish are once again safe to eat.

See IPEN’s Analysis of UNEP’s “Elements” document: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, RussianSpanish

This was circulated to government delegates planning to attend the INC2.


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