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Stockholm Convention 5th Conference of the Parties (COP5)

The Stockholm Convention’s Fifth Conference of the Parties (COP5) took place in Geneva, Switzerland from 25 – 29 April, 2011. Representatives from numerous IPEN Participating Organizations attended and participated.


3 May, 2011: Debate over export of toxic flame retardant chemicals erupts at UN meeting

Africa pushes developed countries to stop the export of toxic flame retardant wastes that can cause nervous system damage in infants and toddlers New IPEN study highlights the presence of toxic flame retardants in carpet pads commonly sold to consumers in the USA and other countries.

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29 April, 2011: Endosulfan to be Phased Out Globally

Gathered in Geneva for the Fifth Conference of the Parties this week, the nations of the world agreed to add endosulfan, an antiquated persistent insecticide, to the Stockholm Convention’s list of banned substances. Environmental health and justice organizations from around the world who have been working towards a ban welcomed the decision.

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